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Whirlwin (ALC)

In the summer of 2023, Maverick XM worked with Atlantic Lottery to introduce an exciting new experience to Atlantic Canada. Through collaboration with partners from central Canada, we brought to life the captivating WhirlWin experience. This innovative experience invited participants to enter an enclosed room, where hitting 'GO' initiated a thrilling countdown leading to the release of a whirlwind of confetti. Guests eagerly worked to capture as many confetti pieces as possible, with enticing prizes such as upgraded festival tickets and other exclusive SWAG up for grabs. The moment was captured on camera, ensuring that attendees could relive their exhilarating WhirlWin adventure time and again. The design of the trailer enabled our dedicated team to swiftly set up the entire experience in under an hour, all while making an impression with its impressive event footprint. At the end of each night, the trailer seamlessly transformed into a compact, fully branded cube, providing safe overnight storage and streamlining transportation and logistics with effortless efficiency.

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